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Teaching Math for  A Thoughtful World!

Welcome to YIngying's Teaching

Thank you for visiting my Digital Portfolio! My name is Yingying Mao and I am an educator who is passionate about building a more thoughtful and caring world with kids through math teaching. Here you will learn about who I am as a teacher and as a person. You will also find works and projects that I have completed with my students, as well as evidence of continuous learning during my time in the San Diego Teacher Residency (SDTR) Program at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education.

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Yingying Mao

Hi, I am Yingying. I was born and raised in China.  I am a mom, math teacher, and life-long learner. Before I came to the US to earn my master’s degree in education, I co-founded an educational company that provides students with multiple opportunities to experience all kinds of occupations, such as firefighters, carpenters, doctors, police officers, and scientists, models, designers, and so on. My passion for education is to support kids in connecting with a bigger world, help them think better, and make a change through math learning!

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